Yellowstone National Park


Next we were on to Yellowstone National Park.  We all stayed in an amazing house just north of the park in Montana on the banks of the Yellowstone River.  The next couple days were spent exploring the Park and playing around the house.  The various geysers and geothermal hot pots were crazy looking…  at times, it felt as though we were hiking on a different planet.

That was such a long hike!IMG_2701IMG_2704IMG_2721

Mo’s one finger salute photo bomb is awesome

Nora was completely exhausted every night.IMG_2728IMG_2734IMG_2736IMG_2740IMG_2743IMG_2750IMG_2756IMG_4931IMG_4935IMG_4953IMG_4955IMG_4958IMG_4957IMG_2711

Awesome warning sign!  IMG_2730



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